Creative Works is building supplemental design curriculum for art teachers in Memphis. If you are an art teacher or an administrator, please take this short survey to help us create the most effective and useful curriculum possible.

Survey closes March 15.

One random qualified participant will win an Apple Watch!
What is your name? *

What is the name of your school? *

Are you an art teacher or school administrator? *

Which grade(s) do you teach? *

Which of the following best describes you? *

Have you ever implemented a third party curriculum in your classroom? *

Are you interested in and able to implementing a third party curriculum in your classroom? *

If you received a supplemental curriculum to teach a design unit in your classes, what is the ideal length of that unit? *

How often do you see each of your classes? *

How long are your class blocks? *

Do you teach in a computer lab? *

Would you be interested in a semester or year-long design curriculum? *

Do you have any ideas, thoughts, or questions you’d like to share with us as we continue our curriculum development process?

Thank you for your input! Keep an eye on your email to see if you're the lucky winner of the Apple Watch. (Current art teachers and administrators are qualified to win. Winner will be notified by March 31, 2018.)

In the mean time, please pass along this link to your art teacher friends:
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